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We help you work smarter by using smarter tool and provide timely information and advice that you need.


Get Xero with NZ Acocunting & Advisory for FREE

Xero is one of the accounting software that we use to help our client. It is a cloud based accounting and has a number of benefits as listed below. We also provide training on the software is you would like to best utilise the software to help your business.


Pleasure doing business
Find out more about the benefits of Xero and why over 500,000 small businesses world wide has switched to XERO onine accounting solution.



Xero Mobile Application

Xero software is available on the internet and accessible from your iPad and iPhone. It is as easy as a simply phone application.


Automated Invoicing
If you are one fixed fee basis, Xero can save your time by sending invoices to your customers automatically and you can get paid online.



Daily Bank Feed
Xero automatically downloads your bank transactions daily



Real-time Reports
With the help of our hard work, you can access your financial information daily to know how well your business performance in a timely manner.

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